General Purpose Convex Mirror (INT Series)


This is our general purpose convex mirror, designed for all applications where a robust mirror is required. Use this mirror for all indoor or light duty outdoor applications. A fully framed mirror with a double sided aluminium laminated frame and fitted standard with wall mount - optional post clamp to suit 50nb Posts (standard 60mm o/d street sign post). The wall fitting is infinitely adjustable to any conceivable angle while the post fitting can rotate on the post and adjust for large changes in inclination.

  • What is the difference between 'fully adjustable' and 'infinitely adjustable'?
  • Tell me more about the frame?
  • Can I use this mirror in any outdoor situation?

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++ W designation indicates wall fitting, P designation indicates 60mm post clamp fitting.


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Can I use this mirror in any outdoor situation?

The INT series is a general purpose mirror that can be used in any indoor application and some outdoor areas but the EXT/TRF/SSM series are more robust options where the mirror is fully exposed and continually open to the elements. The INT series is suitable for outdoor sheltered areas for example, warehouse doorways where there is an overhead canopy or awning. Wind loading is the main concern and if you are using a 60cm mirror or smaller then generally there will be no issues. If in doubt use the EXT series as a preferred alternative.

Tell me more about the frame?

The frame on the INT series mirror uses an aluminium laminate made from 2 sheets of aluminium with an internal layer of PVC. This material is completely waterproof, rot proof and very strong. To complement the frame we add internal reinforcing to ensure that the mirror remains rigid and has a strong fixing point for the mirror arm attachment. The arm attaches to the frame with a double clamping action. Fitted with nyloc style vibration proof nuts the arm can be clamped firmly in place to prevent movement or adjusted so that the mirror 'moves' away if unintentionally bumped reducing the likelihood of damage.

What is the difference between 'fully adjustable' and 'infinitely adjustable'?

Fully adjustable should mean that the fittings allow for any kind of angle or alignment; however many suppliers who claim their mirrors to be fully adjustable can only be adjusted in two axis's (up/down left/right).This requires you to be very careful as to how the mirror is installed (particularly if in a corner) as the limited adjustment means that you run a risk of the mirror hitting the wall before you achieve the angle required! Some types use ball joints - this will also result in a limited adjustment with care needed on placement to ensure the desired angle can be achieved. In our view, the claim 'fully adjustable' is misleading. Our mirror uses 3 axis's of adjustment giving an infinite adjustment. No matter how you install the mirror you will always be able to achieve the correct angle regardless!