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Acril Convex Mirrors come in a large variety of sizes and styles from as small as 150mm for a hand held inspection mirror right up 1200mm diameters. Styles include various convex mirrors for general observation, reduced curvature mirrors for traffic applications and spherical shapes for wide angle broad observation. We also have specialist products for extra high security E.g. correctional centres, protective wards, protective rooms, school mirrors for educational demonstrations, pool mirrors for infants learning to swim or highly specialised mirrors for virtual reality and high grade image reproduction; whatever your needs we will try to assist as best we can.

Generally, we stock everything listed in our product range ready for immediate delivery. Some items are quite specialised and therefore quantities held maybe limited. If you have a special application or need please feel free to contact us to discuss your application. Often we can provide solutions based on our standard products but if not, then we can assist with made to order product if necessary.