Indoor Convex Mirror (ECO Series)

This is our most popular style of convex mirror, designed primarily for light duty applications such as retail or office situations. The mirror is infinitely adjustable to any conceivable angle. It can be fitted to any flat surface (we recommend always to fit to a stud or similarly solid structure) and only requires two screws to install! just minutes to install to walls, pelmets, shop fittings or attach to the ceiling- it's perfect for any shop, office or room.

  • Why is this mirror for indoor use only?
  • What is the difference between 'fully adjustable' and 'infinitely adjustable'?
  • What size mirror should I use?

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What size mirror should I use?

As a general rule the combined distance between the mirror and the observer and the distant between the mirror and the object to be viewed will determine the correct size mirror. Always choose a slightly larger rather than smaller mirror. If the mirror is too small then the image it produces will be of little value but if the mirror is slightly larger than required, you only get more and an enhanced view!

What is the difference between 'fully adjustable' and 'infinitely adjustable'?

Fully adjustable should mean that the fittings allow for any kind of angle or alignment; however many suppliers who claim their mirrors to be fully adjustable can only be adjusted in two axis's (up/down left/right).This requires you to be very careful as to how the mirror is installed (particularly if in a corner) as the limited adjustment means that you run a risk of the mirror hitting the wall before you achieve the angle required! Some types use ball joints - this will also result in a limited adjustment with care needed on placement to ensure the desired angle can be achieved. In our view, the claim 'fully adjustable' is misleading. Our mirror uses 3 axis's of adjustment giving an infinite adjustment. No matter how you install the mirror you will always be able to achieve the correct angle regardless!

Why is this mirror for indoor use only?

The ECO series mirror is designed specifically as a light weight and light duty mirror so that it can be used with little structural support. This excludes it's use in an outdoor environment such as high wind and rain. Please refer to the general purpose INT series or the Outdoor EXT series for outdoor applications.