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Acril Convex Mirrors

Acril Convex Mirrors (established 1985) is the Australian Master Distributor for convex safety and security mirrors; we supply to both Retail and Wholesale clients. We have the largest range of convex mirrors available for immediate delivery anywhere in Australia with an outstanding range of mirrors suitable for every type of application. Our mirrors outperform our competitors in mirror quality, hardware design and ease of installation. We manufacturer locally in Australia or New Zealand to our standards and to our designs using only first grade materials. All images you see on our web site are true to life, untouched nor enhanced to falsely represent the product and selected from installations performed personally by us. We do not use 'representative' images nor 'borrow' images from other web sites and a quick comparison with other suppliers will clearly demonstrate the superior image quality and definition one obtains with an Acril Convex Mirror. They are bright, non-distorting with the correct amount of curvature (field of view) to provide optimum definition. The quality of our mirrors are complemented with well designed and engineered hardware. Our fittings are strong, robust and provide maximum adjustment and ease of installation. We don't use plastic fittings and we don't skimp on the frame designs. Our mirrors are designed to actually perform the application and function intended!

There are many outlets which sell convex mirrors with a majority selling some very cheap imports., They are not made to the same standard as our mirrors. Unfortunately there is no Australian Standard for convex mirrors in this class resulting in a huge variation in build quality. We encourage you to find out more before you make your choice as once you have purchased, it is often too late! Want to know more? click on the link 'About Convex Mirrors'; we go into more detail on the pros and cons you need to watch out for, as there is never a truer saying than ' you only get what you pay for'!

This web site is purely informational - it does not contain prices, however you can switch to the online store at anytime to browse prices or make a purchase. Your order will be promptly dispatched and all major credit cards are accepted.

Acril Convex & DuraVision™

DuraVision™ convex mirrors are manufactured in New Zealand and have been since the 1960's. Their products and derivatives are widely available throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries throughout the world. As the exclusive Australian agent for DuraVision we offer a large range of their excellent products under the Acril Convex Logo suitably modified to our own local specifications and design. When you deal with Acril Convex you have our 25 years of 'on hands' experience supporting the product with a direct line to the manufacturing base. We can assist with special projects, made to order and offer alternatives when 'off the shelf solutions' may not be suitable. So when you purchase a mirror from us you can be safe in the knowledge that the products are backed by our professional experience & advice and a worldwide reputation for quality and excellence in manufacturing. Acril Convex Mirrors & DuraVision, proudly associated since 1990.



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